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Guangdong/Foshan city Private School Middle School 100万人民币 2000-2999人
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The International Education Centre of NEMS was founded in May, 2011. It is an international education organization sponsored by Nanhai Experimental Middle School, which possesses 8 outstanding foreign teachers from European and American countries.

The International Education Centre adapts the program of Cambridge Checkpoint Courses.The Checkpoint Class of International Courses which possesses over 100 students carries out a double-track course system, that is, students will learn core courses in compulsory education and the Cambridge Checkpoint Courses simultaneously. Students can choose to take part in the Senior High School Entrance Examination and study at domestic senior high schools. Also, they can choose to go to foreign senior high schools and eventually study at world-famous universities. The Checkpoint Courses mean that students have more high-level choices when choosing their path towards higher education.

The foundation of the International Education Centre of NEMS receives enormous help from U-Link College of International Culture, South China Normal University and Nanhai International Education Centre. Friendly partnerships have been formed with each other, with the sharing of resources, complementary advantages and integration between international courses and entrance examinations.

The foundation of the International Education Centre of NEMS is another strong action performed by Nanhai Experimental Middle School. It has improved the level of educational internationalization, lifted the service level of regional educational internationalization in Nanhai District and promoted the construction program of Nanhai Educational Internationalization Experimental District.
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