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Beijing Normal University is a national key university directly under the guidance of the Ministry of Education, one of the top ten state key universities. It is included in the state "211 Project" and the state "985 Project" for key university construction. It is one of China’s most important bases for cultivation of high-ranking professionals and for multidisciplinary and high-level scientific research activities. In the new historical period, Beijing Normal University has established the construction goal of “a comprehensive, unique, and research-oriented world-renowned high-level university.” In order to strengthen the disciplinary construction and to increase the quality of talent cultivation and scientific research levels of the university as well as to support the development of the university, we sincerely invite outstanding talent from home and abroad to join the team at BNU to help create and contribute to the new splendor of BNU.

1 Departments Actively Recruiting

Philosophy, Theoretical Economics, Applied Economics, Politics, Sociology, Education, Psychology, Chinese Language and Literature, Foreign Languages and Literature, History, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Geography, Biology, Systems Science, Material Physics and Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Construction Engineering, Hydro Engineering, Surveying Science and Technology, Nuclear Science and Technology, Environmental Science and Engineering, Forestry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Management Sciences and Engineering, Business Management, and Public Management.

2. Qualifications for Application

( 1 )An accomplished record of scholarship,disciplined work ethic,and the attainment of national and international recognition.
( 2 )All scientific projects and research should be positioned at the horizons of the candidate’s field and should possess leading scientific approaches, demonstrating ability to lead the academic group to the highest international standards.
( 3 )Applicants must be qualified to teach core general education courses and assume teaching duties.
( 4 )All applicants must hold a PhD. Nationals must hold the status of professor or other similar title. Foreign applicants must hold the rank of assistant professor or above, or other corresponding positions at high-level universities.
( 5 )The university requires a maximum age limit of 45 for natural sciences applicants, and 50 for humanities applicants. For Chair Professors, the maximum age limit is 55 for natural sciences applicants, and 60 for humanities applicants.
(6 )Candidates should be able to fully perform their job responsibility as Changjiang Distinguished Professors. Candidates of the Changjiang Distinguished Professorship are required to work on the campus for a minimum period of nine months, and the Chair Professor’s post requires a stay on campus of 2-3 month period.
( 7 )Applicants should be healthy, be of outstanding moral character, and be upright in style, possessing team spirits and organizational and leadership skills.

3. Salary Package

  Beijing Normal University Human Resources Office(Please address all mail to “Changjiangg Scholars”) Zip code 100875
  Contact:Fan Wenxia
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