Update Time:2019-05-09
Jane Chrestella
Wom| 27 Years Old| Bachelor| 5-10 yearsWork Experience |Unmar |Other
Live at:Secret
Job Intend
Expect Position:Kindergarten Teacher
Expect Category:Kindergarten
Expect Salary:15K~18K/M|Want to work at Changping
Hunting Status:Next term
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Self Description
My name is Jane and I’ve been teaching kids in English and music since 2010 whether individuals or groups. I have a bachelor degree in music education which concentrate in children psychology and early childhood teaching methods. I currently live in Beijing and I teach english for kids (privates and groups), I also work in a bilingual kindergarten as an english teacher. I have TESOL certificates which I obtained from Canada.
Education Background
2010-8 to 2014-9
Bachelor|Pelita Harapan University|Music Education (School Teaching)
Work Experience(TA Worked 5年,total 3 job he did)
2014-7 to 2017-7
Teacher|Yamaha Music School
Work Duty:Teaching music for kids (usually international students)
2017-11 to 2018-1
Part time English Teacher|Hong Fu Yuan Kindergarten
Work Duty:Teaching english for kinders
2018-1 Till now
English Teacher|Mini Family
Work Duty:Teaching english for kinders
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Language ability
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