Update Time:2018-12-31
Wom| 30 Years Old| Master| 3-5 yearsWork Experience |Height 165CM |Unmar |Management
Live at:Beijing
Job Intend
Expect Position:Primary Teacher,Kindergarten Teacher
Expect Category:Kindergarten,Primary School,University
Expect Salary:10K~12K/M|Want to work at Chaoyang,Fengtai,Daxing
Hunting Status:negotiate
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Self Description
Hello everyone, my name is Tahzeeb. I am 29 years old and will be graduating from Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication this summer with a degree in Management. I am an experienced English Teacher in Kindergarten and after school education for Primary School Kids, and have served at commencements, first day of school ceremonies, and other important events. I am good at writing and communicating with people; I take my responsibilities quite seriously and am meticulous about the quality of my work. Challenges are more than welcome as I work well both in teamwork and independently. I would very much like to join your ranks and learn from your expertise as I upgrade my own performance. Thank you.
Education Background
2017-10 till now
Master|Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication|Business Management
2014-10 to 2016-10
Master|University Of the Punjab|Management
Work Experience(TA Worked 1年6个月,total 2 job he did)
2018-9 Till now
English Teacher|Welcome to Our World
Work Duty:Work as English Language Teacher In Kindergarten and after School Sudents
2017-11 to 2018-8
Management Interne|Beijing Institute Of Graphic Communication
Work Duty:worked as English Translator
Training Experience
2015-7 to 2015-8
Customer Care|British Council
Training Content:how to deal with Customers
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2014-10English Language Communication
2014-10English Language Communication
Language ability
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