Update Time:2019-04-08
Man| 25 Years Old| Bachelor| 1-3 yearsWork Experience |Height 178CM |Unmar |Arts
Live at:Beijing
Nationality:South African
Job Intend
Expect Position:History Teacher,Geography Teacher,Primary Teacher,Kindergarten Teacher
Expect Category:Kindergarten
Expect Salary:12K~15K/M|Want to work at Haidian,Chaoyang,Daxing
Hunting Status:ASAP
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Self Description
Hi, my name is above as mentioned. I like going out to do outdoor activities, sports and learning new things. I have lived and worked in China for 3years now ,taught children from the ages of 3years old to 12 years .The reason I love teaching is because of my university degree physicology and it's what I love doing .
Education Background
2015-1 to 2017-9
Bachelor|Kings College|Arts
2016-11 till now
Bachelor|Pretoria States University|Literature
Work Experience(TA Worked 2年5个月,total 1 job he did)
2017-1 Till now
English teacher|EDUWA
Work Duty:Am teaching in a kindergarten that is based on Montessori .The environment is one of the best so far that I have experienced with one hour circle time and basic learning through what each child wants to learn during their playtime .Where they highly teach using phonics , games , song ,reading and outdoor activities .The children am teaching their ages range from 3 years old to 4 years old .I spend time A in one class for the whole year connecting with children and parents .This learning environment I personally recommend it because you quickly notice each child weakness ,strength and interest .I also teach maths to the children its not just based on one basic subject that nice part about Montessori .As a teacher I have learnt a few things also .
Training Experience
2015-4 to 2015-12
First Aid|Red Cross
Training Content:Its a course that teaches you how to help a colleague, family member, a sibling ,a relative and a stranger when they have fainted or has got injured or has got burnt from fire and insect bites also snake bites .We were taught how to help someone in the first critical 10 minutes of incident .Each procedure different from above mentioned incidents .Making it more fatal to the person injured if help would arrive late .It in lightened us how best to help someone before specialist arrived on the scene of a tragic incident and how to lower the fatal injuries or to remove any further harm that my course any further alterations .
2009-8 to 2013-10
Boy Scouts|Freemasonry
Training Content:Boy scout is the self awareness of nature and how to survive using predated survival skills whiles in the wild .One exciting outdoor activity with different life skills taught to use was making fire without a match stick or a lighter .The lessons we got where vital they can save you from life threating dangers .We where shown herbs that help you fight poison if you had a spider bite and herbs that where very harmful .One interesting lesson I remember was always listen to the birds sing if you don't hear birds anymore something is wrong .We where also taught how to tell change of seasons using bird migration .One exciting experience I have ever got and rich with lessons
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Language ability
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