Update Time:2019-06-03
Man| 28 Years Old| Bachelor| 3-5 yearsWork Experience |Height 163CM |Marri |Other
Live at:China, Chongqing
Nationality:South African
Job Intend
Expect Position:Middle School,Primary School,Middle School,Primary Teacher
Expect Category:International School,Middle School
Expect Salary:15K~18K/M|Want to work at Yantian,Longgang,Yubei
Hunting Status:Next term
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Self Description
I'm a fun, polite, vibrant and enthusiastic 27 year old male teacher. I'm an innovative, self motivated and highly skilled teacher. I work tremendously well with children. I'm highly capable of creating an fun and exciting environment that is conducive for teaching and learning with five years of teaching experience in South Africa and 9 months of teaching experience in China.
Education Background
2009-1 to 2012-11
Bachelor|University Of Zululand|English and Geography.
Work Experience(TA Worked 1年4个月,total 1 job he did)
2018-7 Till now
ESL Teacher|Maple Leaf International School
Work Duty:Teach English skills to Chinese students, design assessment task and assess. Design educational activities.
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2019-5TEFL Certificate
Language ability
EnglishNative Language
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