Update Time:2018-11-10
Sara Dahar
Wom| 28 Years Old| Bachelor| 3-5 yearsWork Experience |Height 165CM |Unmar |Other
Live at:Morocco
Job Intend
Expect Position:Middle School,Primary Teacher,Kindergarten Teacher
Expect Category:Training Center,International School,Primary School
Expect Salary:12K~15K/M|Want to work at Yuexiu,Tianhe,Zengcheng
Hunting Status:ASAP
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Self Description
I am a kind, friendly, passionate enthusiastic person, discovering my love for teaching. I chose to broaden my knowledge of teaching and learning by completing two years of experience in the British International School of Casablanca as a teaching assistant, event organizer, a SEN assistant and an EAL teacher for different grades. I find each day a new challenge with new faces, new personalities and adaptability which I feel are paramount to fulfilling my job role successfully. I have learned about different types of learning styles and that there are multiple intelligences with everyone. I love Volunteering and Community Participation.
Education Background
2012-8 to 2015-9
Bachelor|Cadi Ayyad University|English Studies
Work Experience(TA Worked 3年4个月,total 2 job he did)
2017-9 Till now
Teaching assistant|British International School Casablanca
Work Duty:(EAL) Supporting SEN students throughout the Academic year in all classes. Assisting the subject teacher in making sure that the students understand tasks and lessons. Gathering relevant resources for different level. Translating lessons to make it easier for the students. Covering for the class teacher when she is absent.
2017-7 Till now
EAL teacher|British International School
Work Duty:Planning and teaching EAL lessons to a group of mixed age and ability learners (some with little to no English). Conducting consistent reading and writing assessments to track EAL learners’ progress
Training Experience
2016-1 to 2016-7
Teaching Knowledge Test|British Council
Training Content:TKT is a flexible series of modular teaching qualifications, which test your knowledge in specific areas of English language teaching. TKT shows how you are developing as a teacher.
2018-7 to 2018-8
Teaching English as a second Language|Aiesec
Training Content:I was teaching English as a second language to different levels. using what I learnt from previous experiences.
2017-10 to 2018-1
Understanding Autism|British International School
Training Content:I was trained by an SEN specialist, learning how to identify social communication skills with Autistic student and the knowledge of sensory and repetitive behaviours.
2017-10 to 2018-6
Training Content:online training about different courses such as: Child Protection for International Schools Online Safety for International Students Prevent Duty Mental Wellbeing in Children and Young People First Aid Fire Safety Prevent Bullying.
Get Certificate
2016-1Teaching Knowledge Test
2015-7BA degree in English Studies
2011-9Baccalaureate degree
Language ability